Taste of Terror Child


Taste of Terror info:
This is a ‘lights on’ tour of the Spookers Haunted House.
We use experienced scare actors who are able to change the level of scares and frights to suit the age of the victims. Older children will definitely love the experience!
We are very aware that adults are able to rationalize what is happening, but children are more at risk of not understanding where real ends and make believe begins. We have no interest in traumatizing children but appreciate that many of you would like to bring your children for a tour through Spookers.
Be warned that there is some fairly graphic gore in several of the rooms.
The tour guide will make every attempt to vary the tour to suit the participants tolerance level, but we cannot guarantee that every child will cope well. Please use your discretion.

Disturbia info:
Beware of the Vortex where you’ll be pulled in and turned inside out. Which way is up?
Disturbia is an unusual mind trip through an endless maze of fluorescent colours, floating and turning walls & floors, and frightening creatures.
Around every turn you will find shocking 3D effects and scares that seem to appear from nowhere!
Featuring the artwork of Disruptiv, the 2006 and 2008 World Champion Graffiti artists, and now our specialists in UV artwork and Extreme 3D
Put on the special 3D glasses and you will be transported to another dimension of psychedelic terror!
Take a walk on the wild side in full colour fluorescent 3D. Fun for the whole family during the day.

This R8 combo is open every Saturday between 11am and 4pm plus every day during the school holidays 11am – 4pm .

Price: $20.00
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